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Photos – my love. Those that know me understand my love for photos. I am always snapping a picture whether with my phone or my Canon 6D. I run my own photography business, so it’s a passion and a hustle. When it comes to foster care, you better believe I will be snapping ALL the…

Tips For Your Day in Court

I have a love/hate relationship with our days in court. Some days I’m excited, feeling full of hope. Other times, I’m full of worry because you never really know what yo expect. Let’s just say it’s been a learning process. In the last two and a half years, we’ve spent a lot of time in…

Welcome to Journal 127!

Hey y’all, thanks for visiting Journal 127. I’m so excited to have finally created this outlet to share our family’s experience in foster care.  My name is Kristen. I’m a 27 year old, college town native of Southern Illinois. I married my man Jerod almost 6 years ago. We met at our local church back…

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